Show me your driveway


You can either send me a picture or provide me with your house address for me to do a quick google-street-view to "see" your driveway.


Usually with good accuracy I can tell immediately whether my ramps will fit your driveway situation.


Council Issues


There are questions by home owners on whether the council will disallow this product. I will answer your question sincerely and honestly. Please be not be hoodwinked by other products claiming to be "council approved" but yet in the end condition it with a disclaimer.


I sought council approval without success because it is a conflict of interest for them to approve an individual private business product.

Technically only the houseowner have the right to seek local council approval because the curb on your driveway actually belongs to the council.


In my opinion council can see it in favour of the user because of the following reasons:


1. Ramps have water channels for free rain water flow

2. Ramps are not affixed permanently

3. Ramps are much safer than wooden planks or metal sheets

4. Ramps in fact prevent council road damage caused by car


5. Ramps reduces noice pollution in the neigbourhood

6. Ramps reduces energy wastage by enabling a smoother ride


Make your decision today so you can enjoy the benefit of this great product. I started selling this product since 2013 and have not recieved any feedback on council dissapproval. I have many happy customers.