I am a Senior Chemical Engineer 
based in Brisbane, Queensland.
I like solving problems and making ideas come to life.

Introducing my creation, Moulded Hard Rubber Driveway Ramps.

Designed and moulded in Australia

NO INSTALLATION NEEDED !   Moulded hard rubber curb ramps to smoothen your ride into your house driveway. Made very heavy to prevent movement or displacement. No more jolt when you drive daily in and out of your house. No more jarring movements for those disabled and in pain. No more scrape damage to your front spoilers. Save money on wheel alignment and shock absorber replacement.

100% made and designed in Australia. Comes with storm water channels. Holes available for bolt-down.
Indent space to print and personalize with house number. UV resistant up to 10 years at least.

A home improvement product that you will appreciate everyday.

Each ramp weighs 25kg and measures 460mm x 1000mm x 65mm.
You will need a minimum of 2 pieces for function but having 3 or more will be better for
maneuvering your car in and out of your driveway.

Each ramp selling at AUD 225.00.